Homework Guidelines


Purpose of Homework

Learning is a continuous process, extending beyond the school day. Homework not only provides additional practice for important skills and concepts, but it also helps children develop lifelong work habits and study skills. In addition, it keeps parents informed and involved in their child’s learning.

Homework is effective when:

  • A review of things already taught in the classroom
  • There is a clear purpose-practicing concepts or skills that have already been taught
  • It can be completed independently
  • Parents, teachers, and students work as partners


The following chart demonstrates the responsibilities of the teachers, parents, and students.


Teacher Parent Student
Provide clear expectations for assignments Understand homework expectations Understand the homework expectations
Plan homework that is meaningful and relates to specific instructional purposes Establish homework routine; provide an appropriate place and materials to complete homework Complete homework assignments to the best of his/her ability
Modify homework based on individual needs of students Provide support as necessary, but ensure student completes the work (Homework should not be a point of conflict) Submit homework on time; this should be a reflection of your best work
Provide feedback; this can occur as written comments, in-class discussions, connections to in-class assignment Let your child’s Teacher know if they are having difficulty with their homework Tell a parent or teacher if you are having trouble understanding the homework


Homework Across the Grades


  ELA Math Approximate Total Time


How long should my child spend on homework?

Kindergarten & First ●      Reading


●      Sight words/Sounds/ Letters/writing

●      Math games



Children should spend:


●      K& 1st  : 10-15 Minutes daily

Second & Third ●      Reading


●      Spelling/

●      Word Work


●      Math facts


●      On-line option

●      Unfinished Work

●      2nd : 20-30 minutes


●      3rd : 20-30 minutes

●      4th & 5th 40-45 minutes

Fourth & Fifth ●      Reading


●      Spelling/Word Work/Vocabulary

●       Math practice


(facts /computation)

Occasional learning Project